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Instaaa takes the stress out of marketing by promoting your business on 100 media outlets and directories for you. Submission takes 60 seconds and starts at just $39.

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Hey everyone 👋 Like many of you, I build a lot of different products and usually follow a pretty standard process when doing so. One part of that process is marketing/promotion (something I'm terrible at doing and find it saps a lot of my energy and time). I've always wanted a one-step solution: Something that will do the tedious work for me whilst I spend my time shipping. I discovered a variety of automated sites and bots, however many of them had ridiculous price tags or resulted in a lot of unnecessary spam. After the launch of my most recent project, I decided to spend a weekend creating something myself. is a mass marketing tool/service which will promote your startup on up to 125 directories with a single click. Submissions are manual (handled by me and a small group of people I hired from reddit for the next two months). Submitting your startup is an easy process and pricing begins at just $39. The entire submission process is public and can be tracked step-by-step at I wanted to create something that felt safe and transparent, whilst being a tool I would personally use. Instaaa meets that criteria and has proved successful with multiple test startups over the course of a week. I'm online all day to answer any questions or enquiries you may have regarding Instaaa. You can also reach out to me on Twitter, @ryanheybourn. P.S. I'm currently looking for a job. I can build websites and make fuego coffee. Currently @bidhype, previously and Holler here or tweet me!
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@ryanheybourn you're absolutely brilliant! I love all of the products you've built <3 Will give Instaaa a go in few weeks time. Keep up the amazing work! Can't wait to see what you build next :)
@loaibassam thanks Leo!
@ryanheybourn are there any SEO negatives to submitting your startup to so many directories?
@jontetz not with Instaaa. Each submission is customised for your startup, meaning it's less likely to be flagged.
@ryanheybourn Interesting idea. I came across a service called KnowEm some time ago that does something like this. It's a competitive space, but I think it'd be interesting if someone built an open source directory of companies and find a way to make it self-sustaining. Q: Where did you get the particular list of directories? It seems a bit dated. For example, BestVendor hasn't been around for a few years (since 2013?); there's no Siftery ;)

I am not comfortable with the communication / marketing strategy adopted and thus would not recommend it. My ideal service would have price and rewards listed upfront and the list of submission directories would be checkable and of guaranteed quality.


Manual promotion to list of directories


Not upfront about pricing - may mislead user expectations

Non-vettable list of directories (quality?)

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Hey Robin! Directories can be vetted by users before opting to use Instaaa at There are no hidden suprises when using the service and I've tried to make it as transparent as possible.
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Thank you Robin, do you think there is any legit sites like these I was looking Aidem Network here on PH have you tried them?
My general experience with these sort of tools is that you're often better off putting in the time to create personalised submissions for the most important sites to you, and I know I've seen a lot of feedback from journalists in the past saying not to use similar tools to submit to them. I thought there was a discussion-worthy comment on your reddit post earlier today, which basically said that there's no benefit to a tool like this, as it runs the risk of a Google penalty for en masse submission to low-quality directories that create shady back-links... and basically that this is not a risk anyone should be taking with their business. I thought that was a pretty reasonable point to raise - any response? I was disappointed to see you deleted your reddit post after it was brought up.
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@rossdcurrie thanks Ross. I didn’t actually delete my reddit post, it seems as if it was removed for self-promotion on the /r/entrepreneur sub which is totally understandable. In regards to backlinks and negative SEO effects, I’ve built something that I personally would feel comfortable using for a project. Each submission is custom and natural, lowering the risk of a flag or report. Of course with any tool like Instaaa there’s a chance your startup receives some backlash, but that isn’t due to the process, that’s solely due to the different communities we submit to.
@rossdcurrie @ryanheybourn "I’ve built something that I personally would feel comfortable using for a project" - that is great for every project you submit to your service... but if you want other people to use it, then it needs to be designed with them in mind. one would hope that you're creating products you believe in and would use. but if you want other people to, you need to always be thinking about them and believing in them.

Feel so fortunate to trip over this. A great timing as we're launching a new business. Appreciate this opportunity to promote it. Simple sign up process. Great job!


Promote a business on more than 365 directories is Gold


None as it's a free service

Thanks Ben!
Did anyone actually check the directories this site has listed? Some aren't directories (like some aren't active sites (like and others could not be filled out with the information requested (like