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Turn your Instagram posts into a 1SE video in just one tap



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Love this kind of stuff but I honestly wish this was a website. Downloading the app, searching for the new feature, and entering my IG username/pass was enough friction for me to churn.
Cesar Kuriyama — Founder/Principal, 1 Second Everyday
@rrhoover This will certainly be possible once we build out our web portal. In retrospect maybe we should've made it easy to skip our regular on-boarding and go directly to Insta-Mash when using the app for the first time. Thanks for the feedback Ryan!
Pravil — Regional Escalation Manager @VMware
@rrhoover I felt the same too Ryan. There is a room for improvement regarding the on-boarding.
Pravil — Regional Escalation Manager @VMware
Suzy Ryoo — venture/tech/innovation at Atom Factory
In spirit of year end updates and apps a la 2016bestnine, here's one from 1Second Everyday: Turn your Instagram posts into a 1SE video with one tap.

I've a longtime fan of Cesar's story and hustle to pursue his dreams, here's his TED talk which has been viewed 1.5M times:
+ Just because -- Best 1SE use case by far: Alex Taub's baby Keira's 1SE for one full year.

Cesar, what's the backstory for this feature/update?
Cesar Kuriyama — Founder/Principal, 1 Second Everyday
@suzywillow Thanks for the hunt Suzy! One of our core values has always been to make it quick and easy to reflect back on your life. Not just individual moments, but a birds eye view at your life as a whole. To quote Fast company this week on their "8 must download apps for your new iPhone":

"The end result is a rapid-fire burst of brief moments that, as they add up, offer a high-level, but insightful glimpse of what your day-to-day life looks like. It may be light on context, but the series of clips tells a story that’s otherwise hard to capture in meticulously filtered and deliberately curated photos and videos posted elsewhere one at a time—and then immediately forgotten."

New Years is always a busy time for us at 1 Second Everyday since it's when a large portion of our users choose to watch and share their 2016 video. This brings a huge number of new users to 1SE, so we wanted to give them a way to create a 1SE video the very first time they opened the app. Since so many people already use Instagram as a diary, it was the perfect platform to make that possible with.

With the end of the year come New Years resolutions, and I deeply believe that in order to have self-improvement, you need self-reflection.

We're excited for the things we're building in 2017, but really happy we could get this out in time for New Years. We think of it as a little gift to our old and new users :)
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