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Alex Yaseen — Co-Founder and CEO, Parabola
We're excited to be publicly unveiling the beta version of InSpread for the first time! Having previously worked conducting data analysis for others, our goal with InSpread is to empower non-technical users to be self-sufficient.

Using a modular approach, InSpread enables you to design spreadsheets the way a software developer would. It also has a variety of widgets (with many more coming soon!) that can import data, perform complex data transforms, and communicate with third-party APIs all in a simple, graphical interface.

We're continually working on making it more powerful and more user friendly, so we welcome your feedback! If there are any features you'd like to see (particularly new widgets), either leave a comment or send us an email at
Blaine Hatab — Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
I want this to grow to light fires under the asses of other spreadsheet software. I love the concept.
Alex Yaseen — Co-Founder and CEO, Parabola
@blainehatab Thanks!
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