Mock-up app designs right from your iPhone

#2 Product of the DayNovember 19, 2015
Derek Ramos
  • Derek Ramos
    Derek RamosStudent and Designer

    A full size editor!


    Only features a iPhone template

    I have been using this app as a alternate to XD or Figma when I’m on the go(many of these apps are missing this kind of feature). I’m glad this is a full size editor! Only wished there were several other templates like a computer or a Apple Watc. Overall it’s a great app!

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ben@dreamerslab · Co-founder & CEO @POP
Looks pretty neat! I'm the founder of POP (, maybe we can do something together. PM me if you are interested :)
Steven Shen
Steven ShenMaker@syshen · Founder of Cubo and Inspr
@dreamerslab Hi Ben, thanks a lot! I am pretty sure we can work together and come out something really great. I will give you a PM and thanks again!
ben@dreamerslab · Co-founder & CEO @POP
@syshen Cool! Looking forward to it!
Shao@wraecca · Co-founder of Smilechat, POP
@dreamerslab @syshen looks nice 👍
Michael John McClain
Michael John McClain@mjmcclain · Co-founder of Heilig VRFX
@dreamerslab Ben, let's talk. Follow me on Twitter.
Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
This looks perfect for when you have that design idea in your head that really needs to get visualized before you lose it.
Steven Shen
Steven ShenMaker@syshen · Founder of Cubo and Inspr
@robjama Thanks! Our team works on this app for more then 7 months. We want this tool as easy as possible and let everyone could hands on the app design very quick. And with native components, Inspr will make your mockups vivid, looks like a real app. We hope everyone can enjoy it, and any feedback will be welcome!
Nico Mage
Nico Mage@nicomage · co-founder & designer @ It Rocks Studio
@robjama Cool hunt, thanks ;)
Vijay Sivaji
Vijay Sivaji@vjnotes · Head of UX @AbraGlobal
Well done team!! BTW, you might want to ask for rating once the user has played with the app a bit (instead of asking at first launch)
Steven Shen
Steven ShenMaker@syshen · Founder of Cubo and Inspr
@vjnotes Haha, nice suggestion. That is a bug, unfortunately we didn't notice it before Inspr release on App Store.
Lea Marolt
Lea Marolt@hellosunschein · iOS Developer, Rent the Runway
This is absolutely fantastic (: Simple, handy to use wherever, and give you the flexibility to try out an idea as soon as it sparks! Love it :D!
Betty Fang
Betty FangMaker@bettyfang · Markerter
@hellosunschein thanks for your encouragement :D Yup we want to help people quickly visualise the idea before it slips away (because it happens all the time haha)
Spencer Lanoue
Spencer Lanoue@slanoue · Product Marketer @ Buffer
This looks amazing for quickly mocking up ideas and getting feedback. Is it possible to link design elements to different screens (making it a functional prototype)?
Steven Shen
Steven ShenMaker@syshen · Founder of Cubo and Inspr
@slanoue Thanks for the suggestion. We just get into contact with POP (Prototyping on Paper), we both think we can work together to create mocks and prototype directly on the phone.