virtual chat-stylist for fashion advice.

Inspora is a free-to-use virtual stylist that provides a highly personalized, chat-based interface which helps women create outfits, shop for new fashion products and discover fashion content. It’s an a self-learning chatbot powered by artificial intelligence.
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I like the idea
Definately great. But how does it understand what suits me better?
@igityan_hayarpy Thx! Just like when you’re becoming friends with someone, the more you talk with Inspora the better she’ll get to know you and your taste in fashion. Through natural language processing, she is able to extract context, meaning and even the mood you are currently in. She’ll keep an eye on any fashion-related information you give her and ask in case there’s something missing.
Very nice! Helps get your ducks in a row even before she suggests outfits. Any plans fir adding other languages?
@ole_julia Thank you 😊 For now it's only available in english but we are planning to add other languages. Any suggestions? 😃
@pavel00 Russian and Italian from my side)
@ole_julia Okay we keep that in mind 😉
Really cool bot 😊 I have a question guys! Why messaging and not an app?
@annalicious21 Thanks! Good question 😉 A truly personal and all-encompassing styling experience can only be achieved through a conversational interface, which gives the ability to talk to one another and emulates the experience of using a professional stylist. There’s no need to install another app; you probably already have Messenger installed on your phone and you don’t have to worry about learning a whole new interface. Using Messenger allows Inspora to give you style advice in seconds and talk to you just like a friend would 🙌
Hi everyone! ✌️ Every day, millions of young women stand in front of the wardrobe and face the problem of not knowing what to wear. The result: stress, discomfort and bad outfit choices. Inspora is a virtual stylist that takes the stress out of getting dressed. Just ask Inspora „what should I wear?” on Facebook Messenger and she’ll create outfits for any occasion that you can easily recreate at home. Inspora is... • Smart: Inspora’s artificial intelligence combines the expertise of hundreds of real-life fashion stylists. • Truly personal: Inspora gets to know you and your taste in fashion directly by talking to you. • Money-saving: Inspora won’t sell you clothes. Instead, she’ll show you how to create outfits with what’s already in your wardrobe. • Reliable: You can text Inspora 24/7 and receive instant advice – it’s entirely automated. Try her on: Gen Z loves texting! They now spend more time on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger than on any other website or app. Fashion brands have ignored the latest shift to conversational interfaces for too long. Inspora is building a new kind of fashion/technology company that provides what Generation Z really wants: a highly personalized, chat-based interface which helps them create outfits, improve their style and discover fashion content. Please let us know what you think! 🚀