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Hello everyone. I am the co-founder of Inspirock. Am excited to be on ProductHunt with so many fans - thanks! Inspirock helps people plan great vacations. We will own the entry-point for vacation planning and associated purchases. We currently cover the top European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK) and are rapidly expanding coverage. Using Big Data and related innovations, we have created a consumer experience that will help break through the traditional issues seen with travel planning businesses. Please let me know if there are any questions or comments.
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Dave Ambrose
Steadfast Venture Capital
I'm normally hesitant when it comes to various trip planning and inspiration tools (@garrytan's old post cites the reasons why: but Inspirock caught my attention in really taking time out of the friction (i.e. multiple sites to check) when planning a European trip.
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@daveambrose Thanks Dave :-) Technology along with a more comprehensive user experience can reduce the acquisition cost and help with name retention. We are already seeing a high percentage of repeat visits without retargeting marketing - purely based on user's memory of 'Inspirock'. It shows that if we add enough value for the user, they will remember us.
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