Inspiration Wall

Save full page screenshots of your favourite sites ⭐

Save your favourite website screenshots and stay inspired. Access them easily in your browser.

  • Harry Higgins
    Harry HigginsMarketing, Community Building

    Easy to save pages

    Does what it says on the tin!

    Simple tagging system


    No automatic metadata - a timestamp would be great to track changes over time

    Can't download screenshots - a one button export maybe?

    Easy to use and to master. I would love for the screenshots to be timestamped just so I can keep track of them a bit better - currently achieving this via tags.

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  • Abin Jacob
    Abin JacobUX Designer | Researcher

    Simple to Use. Has a clean UI.


    No download button

    This is an amazing tool. However it will be great if we can download the screenshots for the wall.

    Abin Jacob has used this product for one day.
This is an awesome way to build a visual archive of websites! So simple. I would second the ability to download images—and ideally downloading multiple at once. Thanks for making such a straightforward tool that I didn't realize I needed!
Hello guys, This is inspiration wall, a personalized feed of websites you like. Easily bookmark your favorite websites and access them right in your browser. Add tags to filter them. I built this because I wanted to have a feed where I can view website design I like so I can easily access them later without having to necessarily go to their website. Comments & Feedback is welcomed! Thank you.
@kushtrimjusufi That's a great idea! How about the Chrome memory usage?
@makson_serpa Thank you. It should not be a problem. If you are having problems with memory usage please report the error.
Awesome collection!
Cool idea but how is this different from the Web Clipper in Microsoft OneNote?
@dickhoebee Thank you. Extensions like web clipper are more much complex and not designed for a simple task like this one. Inspiration wall was designed to do a simple job. Bookmark websites you like and view them later for inspiration.
@kushtrimjusufi Cool. Thanks for the explanation!