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One screen to write thoughts. Ready? Press send to get the notes to your email. It's that simple.
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I have the most time to think while I'm commuting but I don't always have time to write my thoughts anywhere. Taking iCloud Notes (my primary app) and choosing the right page to write those ideas takes too long. I also hate when it opens my todo list or other important document and then someone might see it over my shoulder. This is why I created Inspiration. The idea is to have a blank screen every time a user opens the app. The notes go to inbox with a button press where those can be later moved to more appropriate places. I don't want my ideas to anymore disappear because I wasn't available to write them anywhere. And when your mind is constantly running memory isn't the best place to store them. Dark mode design gives more privacy in public places.
Hi! Idea is great.. a lot of us are facing the same problem daily.. Looks nice, but a little love to UI won't harm ;) Good luck, Elias!
@natalia_sloboziian :D I'm always bad with UI. I thought this was really good. So I would like to improve it but I'm just not good enough to do it myself and this is probably such a small project no one else is interested doing that part. btw the code is open sourced on Github
Hi @elias_lankinen, a neat little app you have got there! I can help you with the UI and UX bits. Let me have a try and think about it first. Will send you some stuff next week. Keep with the good work!
@minjie_shi Thank you! I appreciate your effort to make this more beautiful.