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As a UI designer, Lottie was a gamechanger. I haven't played with Google's Sketch2AE and Inspector Spacetime workflow yet, but it's interesting to see new developments in the motion space. From their Medium post: https://medium.com/google-design... "Inspector Spacetime creates motion specs for reference videos in one click, so you can stay out of the engineering team’s doghouse. Even though Bodymovin and Lottie make it easier to export usable code out of AE, this code sorcery isn’t necessary for spec communications like time delay or total transition duration. And not always helpful for scalable UI elements containing dynamic content. I’ve often wished for a magic wand to skip the torment and tedium of writing specs. I would rather wash dishes or dust my house. Now, when I use Inspector Spacetime, all I have to do is select a group of keyframe pairs and click a button. Yes. That’s it. No calculus (sorry/not sorry, Newton)."
Love the name! #andamovie