Inspect Social

The easiest way to track your social media statistics

Inspect Social simplifies social media analytics. Check your statistics on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitch without logging in. View detailed historical stats and other features such as future projections, live counts and many others.
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Hey Product Hunt! I'm excited for everyone to try out the site and look forward to your valuable feedback. - Liam
Great product! Would love a feature to measure data based on the users that follow an account e.g. users interests overs time.
@lachlankirkwood Thanks for the support Lachlan! That's a very interesting idea which I'll be sure to look into for future updates :)
Haha. Dear me, honestly I'm a bit afraid to check my stats, I waste so much time every day.
Loved the concept. Would like to have your product on our listing platform as well. We also have a team of industry leaders, Angel Investors and CEOs on the platform who give a word of advise/review/feedback on products. It's all free. Would love to see you there
@rahulqq Hi Rahul! I'm glad to hear that you like it. I will definitely take a look at that site.
@techscoutyt Sure, looking forward to accepting your product!