Insomnia REST API Client

Build, manage, and run templated REST API requests

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Beautiful experience! I've played with a lot of chrome extensions while working on rest2mobile and I must say that this UX is very well done.
This is pretty cool. I've actually featured the tool in a tutorial for novice programmers I put together about building a REST API They really liked it and found it easy to test out their code without having to also write a client for their API.
@jeffandersen great tutorial. It makes me happy to see @getinsomnia being used like this in the wild :)
This might put a few paid API clients on notice. A well executed and simple solution to a common problem, loving it so far.
Been using Insomnia for a couple months and I love it.
Love the simplicity and the power. Plus the design is just great! Switched completely from Postman when I met Insomnia πŸ™ƒ