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The easiest way to view your 3D models in VR

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Hi everyone! I'm Angel, one of the InsiteVR founders. By reducing the barrier to entry to VR we are aiming to change the way people design real world spaces. Our online uploading feature has been a great way for us to learn how people want to use VR in real world applications. We believe virtual reality will enable architects and designers to apply software principles that have made internet companies successful to real world spaces. VR unlocks the ability to A/B test and rapidly iterate on physical spaces in a way that hasn't been possible before. We want to take VR beyond the "wow" factor it provides and drive real world results with it. If you know any architects, retail designers, or anyone who'd be interested in using VR in their workflow please let them know about us. I'm happy to answer any questions and nerd out about virtual reality!
awesome!! i wrote about this exact topic. good stuff @sayangel congrats
I added this to the largest VR collection on PH :)
You can upload a 3D object to the service and then look at it using a VR headset. Since it supports multiple file types you can upload almost any model and share it with others.
@kwdinc thanks for sharing!