InSite Feedback

Capture & Track Feedback Visually

Hello everyone! It's a great honor to get listed here on Product Hunt, thank you @farleymatters for doing so! With InSite we want to improve and simplify the way you, your colleagues and clients track website feedback. You can report bugs and issues right where you find them — on the website being worked on. InSite turns these into actionable, comprehensive reports. With one-click screenshots and by automatically adding all the necessary technical information such as browser, operating system and screen resolution you and your team can start fixing issues instantly. You'll never have to ask your clients those technical questions again, we all know how frustrating that can be. Real-time comments, a smart notification system and our build-in status system will streamline your feedback process further more. Forget the times of messy email chains and feedback in multiple places. We want to make QA fun, increase your productivity and get the best out of your web projects. If you have any questions, feedback or an opinion, my co-founder @paratron and I are happy to answer all of those here in the comments! Have a nice day!