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Edyta Kowal
Content Manager at Prowly.com
Hi Product Hunters, this is Edyta from Prowly and I am really excited to get this ebook live today! We were inspired to take a closer look at the all-in-one B2B SaaS trend by a Slideshare presentation published recently by Hiten Shah. There, B2B SaaS market giants in their segments were presented as key examples. Does that mean that to be a leader you have to be all-in-one? Or become a part of it? This whitepaper, where we collect the opinions of some of the industry experts and also analyze what is being said about it on social media, is an attempt to answer this question. You will find in it insights from: Woopitch (Kevin Lorch, Founder), Brand24 (Mike Sadowski, CEO), Kissmetrics (Tomasz Borys, Director of Marketing), Core dna (Richard Steers, COO), The Digital Loop (Ivan Hernandez, Founder), ChartMogul (Ed Shelley, Director of Content), D-RAFT (Thibaut Rouquette, Head of Scouting), SEMrush (Oleg Shchegolev, CEO), Wolves Summit (Piotr Piasek, Co-founder). Enjoy reading! Happy to answer any questions here! Let me know, what is your opinion - is all-in-one the only right way to sales and growth?
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