Insights by Autopilot

Goal tracking for customer journey marketers

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Michael Sharkey
@michaelsharkey · CEO, Autopilot
Thanks for hunting us Nichole! We're pretty excited to release Insights! It's just the start of a lot more we have to show everyone this year. A little background --- we wanted to find a simple and visual way of helping marketers track goals and compare the performance of different messages across their journeys. It wasn't an easy problem to solve, since… See more
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
@nikkielizdemere · Moderator at Product Hunt
Insights is an effortless way to set goals for your customer journeys, track and visualize key performance metrics, and see what's converting.
Haim Pekel
@haimpekel · CEO & Co-founder @ Press on It
Nice, Authpilot is stepping up their game! Need to try this.
Gus Ferguson
@saliencegus · Co-founder and Partner at Salience HQ
Love Autopilot... one of my favourite marketing tools. Looking forward to checking out Insights
Nikola Bojkov
Great new tool, keep up the good work ;-)