Insights by Autopilot

Goal tracking and marketing analytics for customer journeys

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Thanks for hunting us Nichole! We're pretty excited to release Insights! It's just the start of a lot more we have to show everyone this year. A little background --- we wanted to find a simple and visual way of helping marketers track goals and compare the performance of different messages across their journeys. It wasn't an easy problem to solve, since our customers use journeys to automate many different messages and actions across the customer lifecycle which leads to many different goals. The breakthrough was allowing you to set goals based on teaching Autopilot what someone looks like when they complete a goal using a segment. This means you can use all the information you have in your contact manager from not only Autopilot's data but from any additional information you have integrated e.g. Stripe, Salesforce, Recurly, Segment, Zapier etc. Goals can then be set for literally anything related to the Journey e.g. tracking users becoming active in a trial, high NPS ratings, people who register for an Eventbrite, or how many people purchase your product based on the impact of a journey. We realized people want to change the goals from time to time or forget to set them... so our magicians figured out a way for you to change or set a goal after a journey has been running and get Insights on that journey for the last 3 months! This means if you're an existing customer you can set goals and see the results from the last 3 months as of today! Other useful metrics tracked are days to covert and touches to convert across all channels. You can even analyze messages down to the hour so you can see what time people typically respond! We had over 700 beta customers including Microsoft who used Insights to measure the signups at BUILD conference recently. Would love to hear what people think and happy to answer any questions! (ps. sorry for the essay)
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Insights is an effortless way to set goals for your customer journeys, track and visualize key performance metrics, and see what's converting.
Nice, Authpilot is stepping up their game! Need to try this.
Love Autopilot... one of my favourite marketing tools. Looking forward to checking out Insights
Great new tool, keep up the good work ;-)