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Turning your Google Analytics data into actionable insights

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Seems interesting, Would like to see on the homepage, at the very least, an FAQ, details of whether it is a free trial, when that ends, how much it costs after etc., as well as who made it. You're asking me to connect my GA account, so I need more assurance.
@therealsjr Agree. Throwing you right into 'Connect with Google' with a vague promise about reduced pricing and no info about who made it is a bit of a stretch. Love the idea behind this, would be great to see a little more detail up front.
Added to my Analytics collection:
This reminds me of from a while back - ways to make GA data more actionable are a huge market opportunity.
Very cool, I know lots of companies who could use this. Especially for daily high level meetings. *Added to GA Tools collection >
This is pretty smart! Sometimes feel overwhelmed by al GA info, the question is always, what is next/what now? Seems like this product can give you short actionable advice. Do you know who made it @_jacksmith?
@bramk not sure I'm afraid
@_jacksmith @bramk Definitely is made by @futureoncoming, as confirmed via Twitter. Have added him as a maker.