Reflections from 101 of Yale's most successful entrepreneurs

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Chris LoPresti
Chris LoPrestiMaker@chris_lopresti · Founder, TouchPoints
After 3 years almost to the day, I'm excited to share my passion project with you all. INSIGHTS is filled with exactly that, lessons and tips from a diverse group of 101 entrepreneurs. 100% of profits are going to support STEM and entrepreneur causes! DISCOUNT: the ebook is available on Amazon right now for $2.99. The price will return to $6.99 next week. Link to Amazon: For more about the whole project, please check out this interview Forbes did with me:
Mike Smith
Mike Smith@mrmikesmith · Helping and learning
Hey @Chris_LoPresti can you tell the PH community what inspired you to start writing and curating INSIGHTS? It must have been a challenge to get in touch with these 101 entrepreneurs. I'd love to do this for my University. Do you have any tips?
Chris LoPresti
Chris LoPrestiMaker@chris_lopresti · Founder, TouchPoints
@mrmikesmith awesome! This really was meant to be a community building project, so I hope it catches on. In terms of my inspiration/how I got started, I was personally seeking mentorship and advice on my own startup ( I decided to reach out to my existing networks for help, and as more and more advice came in I decided that I wanted to share it with everyone that was going through similar challenges. It's been great to connect a diverse group of entrepreneurs (ages range from early 20's to late 80's and include business it just about every industry), and share the valuable advice these people were kind enough to share. In terms of tips, 1) Guy Kawasaki's book "APE" was my bible throughout the process, 2) grab coffee with at least three different people who have published a book before; and 3) keep track of milestones and the people who have helped you along the way. If you have more questions, especially about publishing, I'd be happy to share more. Shoot me an email at And if you do write a book for your school, please add me to your newsletter list!