Tailor made anonymous business feed

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Looks very much like they're trying to be Secret but with LinkedIn credentials.
@escher0 Trying to capture the positive power of anonymity and Targeting professionals. the linkedin login for post/comment is a strong filter..
Wonder how far people will be willing to share inside data. I am afraid that this will become a vengeance / ragequit bad review gatherer. Yet very interesting, I will keep an eye on.
@damien_legave People are sharing already! mainly things they want to ask anonymously their network. keep and eye on Insiderr .. its enables its users to discuss things that they could never discuss before. A place to share and consume with full anonymity - But by using linkedin credentials and a touch of the wisdom of the crowds – with almost full credibility. .
@moishlevin @damien_legave seems it's available only in US ?
@damien_legave hey, thanks for commenting. Insiderr is only available on the UK, US and Israel at the moment.
Very interesting!
@giligolander Thank you for commenting. We feel that there's a gap between relevant business information and the business community. A gap that shouldn't be. Insiderr is not about thrash talk or shaming and its also not about illegal information. We want people to have a place where they can ask their professional community and discuss things they couldn't discuss before, using LinkedIn api allows the platform to costumize each users feed. When a user "sign" his post or comment with one of his LinkedIn creditials its also gives his answers credibility.. Stay tune for more updates Gili!
@rrhoover, i saw you commended on the anonymous startup hunt. We have similar vision but different execution. You called their product "whisper for entrepreneurs". What's your 2 cents on insiderr?
@lanngu, thank you for upvoting @InsiderrApp on @ProductHunt :)