Inside Trump's Bubble

See the World through Trump's eyes

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Have a look at how Trump sees the World through Twitter πŸ€“ The team behind Newsvoice built this to show an example of a filter bubble. Happy to answer any questions!
Ꮖℋℰℛℰ Π…β„‹αŽΎUβ„’β…… ℬℰ Ꭿ Π…β„°β„™αŽ―β„›αŽ―α†β„° β„‚αŽ―α†β„°αŽΆαŽΎβ„›αŽ½ ℐℕ β„™β„‹ β„±αŽΎβ„› β„™αŽΎβ„’β„α†β„β„‚αŽ―β„’ ЅᏆUβ„±β„± ℒℐᏦℰ ᏆℋℐЅ.
@androidlove Good point, but this isn't just about politics. By seeing someone else's bubble it's more obvious that we all live in our own bubble. Being exposed to more perspectives gives a better understanding of the world. Think about it, what's in our bubble affects not only who we elect but almost every aspect of our lives, what we eat, how we exercise, even how we think.
@androidlove Why do I need a decoder ring to read this comment
Wow, just 5 mins through his eyes and I just got pessimistic and mad at the world. There literally isn't anything happy or funny in his wall. This product completely explains his bitterness.
Is there something like this for any twitter user?
@brandononearth No, I have thought about that but haven't seen anything.
@ohedwall yeah I'd like that too. I've been looking for something like this for months!
I like it :)