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Very cool approach to tracking links across social. They provide more accurate referrals on links viewed in social apps where it is often listed as direct. Huge win for social teams.
@cambel Thanks for the kind words! We love shining a light on dark social.
It's great to see the Inside Social team get some props on PH! Being able to prove out the marketing ROI has become the status quo and this makes it a lot easier.
@drewlawrence Thanks! We're trying to bring that same ROI accountability in other digital channels to social.
We built Inside Social because we believe that social can be the most powerful marketing channel in the world. In order for that to be possible, we need to quit relying on vanity metrics and start measuring social's effect on the business metrics that really matter like revenue and conversions. We see social as the digital embodiment of word of mouth, but with the additional strengths of being trackable, attributable and optimizable. We want to help marketers capitalize on this to get much more from social. If you want to know more about our company, product, or team, please feel free to ask us anything here!
Happy to give demos to anyone interested. Feel free to sign up on our site or get in touch via email or twitter.
@ash, thanks for posting and for the question! We've seen a fair degree of heterogeneity among social orgs within brands. Thus, we built Inside Social with the entire digital marketing org in mind. For the CMOs and/or VPs Digital, we measure social's efficacy in terms of dollars, so that they can contextualize social along with other their other digital channels and make intelligent budget and resource allocation decisions accordingly. For Heads of Social, we're providing metrics that help them prove the tangible value of their work in much larger terms (including earned social), allowing them to garner more budget. For the Social Marketer and/or Analyst, we're providing insights into the channels, content, and consumers that are actually working in social--allowing for better content creation, more effective targeting in paid, and optimized distribution across social, ultimately leading to better performance and higher ROI on their efforts. We want to give the "feet on the ground" the tools they need to be data-driven and better t their jobs. We want to give the "decision-makers" the proof they need for deeper investment in social.