Insense is a platform that connects brands and influential content creators to create custom content at scale, including barter agreements.
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I've been very intently watching Dmitriy work on Insense and roll out clever feature after clever feature. Bartering occurs so frequently in the industry that I think this tool will be incredibly helpful whether you are a gamer or fashionista.
Thank you, Tristan! Our new product is for those who are budget savvy but still want to run efficient campaigns with influencers. With Insense you get access to influencers who are ready to post a review in exchange for your product. The whole process from sending a brief to ready to go content is quick and easy thanks to a smart interface. Unlimited number of barter deals with influencers for Product Hunt community for only $99 per month.
Wow! Are all of your influencers take on barter campaigns?
@ivan_bykanov We have 35,000+ vetted influencers who are willing to collaborate, and each of them makes an independent decision regarding each particular campaign. You offer a product for publication and collect responses from those who got interested.
@alexander_tvar hm, on your website there's an info about 12,890 verified influencers. What's the real number? (:
@ihor_levenets1 12890 verified influencers in North America. In all world we have 35k+ :)
Can I run barter campaigns with you guys if I sell a service and not a physical product?
@julia_art Hi Julia! Of course, in this case, you can provide an influencer with an individual promo code to try your service out. It's a regular case for us :)
The same question from me :) The product looks really needed, I would love to use it, but I do not sell physical products :/ What if I want to promote an app, for instance?
@ihor_levenets1 Hi Ihor! We looked at your product (, right?) and I think we can come up with a barter payment option for the influencers :) Leave your contacts to our email and our manager will contact you for further details.
The best tool to reach top influencers
@alexander_biragov Alexander, thank you :)