Change your mind to relax, de-stress and sleep better.

INSCAPE removes meditation misconceptions so you can reduce stress, work smarter, sleep better, and more. The first fully-immersive modern wellness platform, with an app and flagship studio in NYC, we provide sensory experiences based on your goals to help change your mind, and your life.

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Hi, Product Hunt community! In 2016 Inscape opened its doors with a mission to help people live life to the fullest. We knew we’d face the usual misconceptions about meditation. We knew we’d have to prove that meditation could be secular, relatable, and backed by science. We built an audio-guided meditation studio in NY, and an app customers could use anywhere, with programs that made meditation easy to learn. We quickly amassed an amazing community of meditators all over the world looking for balance, calm and clarity. It was inspiring. As we’ve grown, so has our audience. More and more of our customers are completely new to meditation; the medi-curious. And, in an age with overstimulation at peak levels, when people feel too time-starved to learn a new skill; some of them were skeptical how meditation would actually help them day to day; or how they could make it part of their lives. That's where Inscape 3.0 comes in. Today's update, Inscape's biggest ever (free for iOS), features a ground-up redesign of our mobile app. It’s built for effortless relaxation. Through a simplified UX, shorter content options, and some nifty machine learning for your recommendations which change based on time of day, we’ve removed the friction that stands in the way of you making it part of daily life. It's the easiest way to build a meditation habit. Ever. We'll be answering questions here on PH all day. Hope you enjoy the product!
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Wonderful app experience and it's definitely on the rise.
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Inscape has a reputation for being the leader in an already progressive industry. They are leading the way for the western world to really understand how meditation can be not only relevant but essential.


- professional staff and an incredibly clean and beautiful space

- leading the way in corporate wellness

- conistently accessible to


- theres not one on every street corner.

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The experience for this app is absolutely beautiful.
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@jonhmchan we’re glad you like it :)
I've used the app and also visited the location in Flatiron in NY. Great experience online and offline.
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@alexa Thanks, Alexa! Great to hear you’re enjoying both :)