Input - The Cloud Console

The mobile console for all your favorite cloud apps

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Hi Product Hunt, I’m excited to finally be launching Input today, and I’d love to hear what you think. I built Input so I could spend less time looking at my phone when it counts. A lot of the time I spend using my phone is on consuming things: reading, watching, listening, etc. In those cases, I’m not in a hurry. When I want to create something though, it’s often at a time where I want to get in and out fast. Input is designed to make it as fast as possible to capture information and take actions in lots of different apps, with a consistent and minimal interface. Here’s a little more detail about why I built Input and what it does: Let me know what you think, it’d be great to hear your feedback.
@lankybutmacho Hi Matt! This app seems really cool and I'm going to keep testing it out over the next few days. The idea of having a command line for my cloud services is really cool, and I'm impressed with the amount of services already available. I did have the app crash after trying to buy 3 more services, but it worked on my second try. One small tweak I'd make is to make the UX more clear once you successfully connect an account. Right now, you have to swipe back once you've connected an account, which kinda feels like you're going backwards. Instead, there should be a done button. Anyways, I'll continue to use Input and see how well it works into my workflow.
@somewhatjustin Thanks Justin! I have seen a few crashes come through during the purchase process, I'm going to have to do some digging to see what's wrong. And good point about a clearer done button after adding a service, I'll take a look at that.
I am excited to share Input with you all today after finding it invaluable these past few months of testing. Input is a quick/easy way to get small tasks done in your favorite apps. My friend Matt Healy created Input originally to scratch his own itch, and realized others could benefit from it. I personally have been using it for Asana and Evernote, but there are many more integrations built in. Having watched Matt tackle building an iOS app from scratch has been exciting, and I know he is looking forward to getting great feedback from the PH community here. Check out some of the integrations; Buffer, Omnifocus, Twitter, Asana, Dropbox, Google Calendar (Gcal), Gmail, Remember the Milk, Slack, and Todoist. You can connect up to 2 apps for free then 3 more for $1.99 which I think is an interesting approach.
Matt, really love the idea of Input. Do you see any way around having to add services with login/pw? What a drag to have to jump through those hoops before experiencing any of Input's value!
Sweet idea. A little limiting with this kind of input area. Apps and services like or Drafts have some good approaches for connectivity and integration. Not every action is a do+send. Some will be draft, rewrite and save.
Everything in one place. Very nice.