Cashierless autonomous retail store 🛍️

Inokyo is a cashierless autonomous retail store. Cameras track what you grab from the shelves, and with a single QR scan of the Inokyo app on your way in and out of the store, you’re charged for your items.

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Amazon is circling with fully-AI grocery stores. Wonder how inokyo fits in with that.
Inokyo. As in, "I no queue?"
Seems cool, nice branding but the website give no info at all. The video and article on TC explains everything, I feel it would have been nice to have some sort of explanation on the official site as well.
Woah, this is right down the street from my apartment. Gonna check it out.
JD (China tech co) is testing cashierless in Jakarta Indonesia too... they're betting on RFIDs though instead of camera recognition. I believe this is a better solution.