Connecting the unconnected

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I truly believe in the power of Internet connecting the Offline World. I think more than my country India, other developing world such as Africa and SE Asia require Offline Internet Service on SMS. The only way I could reach out to all was to give away the software for free. :)
Also do checkout my interview which talk about everything in detail -
The opportunity for sms-driven 'offline' apps is huge! There are countries that completely skipped landline telephony and went straight to mobile. It seems like products that can work for them now will have their attention when these customers make the move to smartphones, which they definitely will. The open question is, how can people get a grasp of their wants and needs? I've never been an Indian farmer or an African merchant? I want to build stuff but don't know where to start!
@atroyn Agreed, I have the same questions. I'd love to chat about ideas if you want. I think this stuff could be very big and impactful.
@blainehatab @atroyn do checkout the SMS AppStore which we build on the technology. We have more than 5000 apps which are build for solving mainly real world problems :)
@deepakravindran @atroyn Very cool. So I'm really into helping making things simple because I think that has a huge impact on how something gets used. As a web dev, this site and other related resources have really bad documentation. Is there a way I can help spread this to be easy to develop with?
@blainehatab sure. Please email me at happy to take the discussion forward. I was having limited resources for documentation. Your help will be very valuable for the project. Thanks :)
@deepakravindran @blainehatab It would be great to see which of these are the most popular!
Connecting the unconnected for a better world .. Awesome