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the first (of many many) business books that got me into studying business in a more structured way
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Worthy of note: The term "disruptive technology" was coined in this book. It is so over-used now that its original meaning has been diluted. It is well worth getting the original meaning from its creator – especially since this concept forms the foundation of so many successful startups and all(?) of the most successful ones.
@rsweetland If you want to have all definitions of todays succesfull startup you should read: Exponential organizations, a wrap up of all business books in the last 50 years.
@nickvbreda Thanks for the tip! As soon as it goes live on Audible I'm all over it. I read Abundance a few months ago and loved it.
The author has many insightful theories and structures to help us think about businesses and innovation. It's one of my top 5 business books and that's why we produced a video summary of it here: https://youtu.be/yUAtIQDllo8?lis... It's a must-read though I wish there were updates with more recent examples. Also, the book effectively pits startups against behemoths, whereas in recent years you can see disruptive innovation pitting startups against startups too. Large corporations have the resources to react (yet often fail due to inertia, misaligned internal incentives, and highly-profitable high-end clients) and the author presents a solution for them, but what about startups that don't have resources and are threatened by low-end entrants?
This book has been described by GV partner @kennethn as "The most important business book of the last 50 years." For all Kenneth's book recommendations check out his LIVE chat: https://www.producthunt.com/live...
I agree this is a fantastic book (so far)! Howeer, due to it's length or density, I found myself starting the book, but having other "quicker-to-read" books come beat this out of my priority list. Still working on it!