An innovation card game to break the ice, and the mold.

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Jannik Siebert
Jannik Siebert@jnnksbrt · Founder of Grasp
Would buy these in a heartbeat, if there weren't those 80$ shipping costs to europe... 😐
Igor Akulov
Igor Akulov@igoruphere · Founder of Picax
@jannikscript I second that. Could we expect some love over here in Europe sometime soon, @thejmoore? :)
JonMaker@thejmoore · Product Designer, Innovatemap
@igoruphere @jannikscript Yeah, so those prices are absolutely ridiculous. We were using the UPS and Fedex shipping calculators to estimate European shipping and have a hard time believing it's $79 to ship overseas. We think that's absurd, so we dropped shipping to $19. The game price has also been reduced to $20. Sorry for the trouble. Related innovation idea: A shipping calculator that isn't IMPOSSIBLE TO USE. You're welcome to steal this idea all you want :)
Igor Akulov
Igor Akulov@igoruphere · Founder of Picax
@thejmoore Cheers, will most likely grab one now closer to Christmas ;)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Did you take inspiration from Disrupt Cards and decide to make one that was actually something people could use seriously? :)
JonMaker@thejmoore · Product Designer, Innovatemap
@bentossell Hey Ben! Yeah we've seen several card games floating around, so it's definitely not a new idea. We love Disrupt Cards and their hilarious take on the stereotypes of Silicon Valley and the product industry. We decided to take our own angle and make a product out of an exercise we do internally for our agency clients at @Innovatemap. It's a fantastic team game and wonderful icebreaker! Thanks so much for the hunt, and I'll be standing by to answer any questions people have :) Here's more of the story on Medium: PS. Check out the site and there's a 15% discount code for all ProductHunters to use!
Maxim Okhokhonin
Maxim Okhokhonin@maxim_okhokhonin · Product Director @ Prequel
Well done! i've created a card game with very close mechanic about month ago, it calls Startup Alchemist ( Good luck to your game!
Sunny max
Sunny max@sunnyua2u · @Axvibe - attract your vibe✨ free app