Inner Peace

Your decentralized and private gratitude journal

#4 Product of the DayOctober 28, 2019
Hi Guys, Please try Inner Peace, a product made with lot of love. It is a gratitude journal that motivates you to start everyday with bright clean and fresh slate. I have been journaling for more than a year and have improved my mental state immerasurably.
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Your animations are cool πŸ‘ Generally curious about how decentralization ties into this though? πŸ€”
@antdke Thanks Anthony. Decentralization in a way that the users own their data and content and the app maker doesn't have control over it.
I love the idea of having a place where I can write things I am grateful for. Is there a way to try it on the website?
@elenanabi Thank you Elena for the comment. That's really encouraging. I've just launched the android app for now and will start working on the webapp later this week. If you are comfortable with sharing your email over PM I can send you the link once it's done.
Interesting idea! I think it might help to give more detail on the encryption and secure side of the app because that's what would make me most nervous about using it. It would also be good to see some screenshots of the user flow and might help to put another call to action at the bottom of the page (maybe reworded to "Start journaling" or something).
@alxcnwy I understand you completely. The data is completely encrypted and saved in blockstack's gaia storage system for which you own the keys. Great idea about putting in a call for action as well, I myself was thinking about and will do that.
that's the one we've been talking about - a mindfulness dapp. please do share it on too πŸ™
Thanks @jun_gong. Feeling encouraged by hearing this. Will share it on as well :)
@poonam18 Let me know if you have any questions:) Looking forward to it!
Cute pictures! What a cool concept!
@mhansi_pandhi Thank you Mhansi :)