Property management for landlords just got easier 🏢

Innago offers a cloud-based property management platform for landlords with small to midsize property portfolios. With Innago, users can collect rent, manage leases, collect signatures and manage tenants.

Our mission is to make renting simple, accessible, and affordable for landlords of any size.

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Anuj Rajput
Digital Marketing Manager, Taazaa Inc

Innago online rental property management software is more than useful for the landlords with multiple rental properties.


Really easy to use tool for small-to-mid sized landlords


No Cons

Adam WhamCo-Founder, Hyphen
Would this work for properties outside the US? We also collect rental based on cheques, can I manually manage acceptance of payment here or will it only indicate a rental payment as settled if we use the payment facility on the site? Also, are there backup functionalities as well?
@whamadam Hi Adam - you can certainly add cash/check payments manually into the software. However, Innago only has functionality within the US at the moment.
extremely easy to figure out, yet powerful enough to transform my productivity with property management. I'm able to collect rent online, manage maintenance, screen tenants and sign leases for free. Great support from my rep Dave too. Thanks Innago!
Sorry for my newbie question but does this app have data on new buildings like for example? And what platform it supports?