Inline Manual Tooltips

Super easy self-help support for your apps (updated)

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Added to my Product Tours/Interactive Walkthroughs collection:
@anujadhiya thank you Anuj, I have a similar collection
@sotak Wow - yours was clearly more extensive. Hope you don't mind me covering up the gaps in mine from the ones I found from yours.
@anujadhiya Sure, take it and let me know if there are any more :)
The guys from Inline Manual just released an update that is worth mentioning here.
The idea behind tooltips and launchers is to add "spotlights" to certain parts of your application. Lets say for first-time-users, you can pin it to specific elements, once the user clicks on it, they can either trigger a launch of a full step-by-step walkthrough or show a tooltip pointing at the launcher or an element describing what it does. All sits as a layer on top of the application, no coding skills needed as usual. And you can leverage the version control system and deployment backend of Inline Manual for these too. For better self-help support and easy to understand application! ✊