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Hi ProductHunt community! We have been working on Inline Manual for the past 2 years, we are self-funded and running strong! We have built IM to fix our own problems around end-user documentation and supporting our clients. Quite soon we realised there are many of companies/product owners/web agencies struggling with the same problems - onboarding, reusability,... Our long term goal is to let everyone create an easy to use and maintainable documentation/walkthroughs/tutorials for any product with possibility to share it with others - an open source approach if you like. Therefore we have a strong infrastructure that supports that (like Bogo mentioned, github like with public and private content). Oh gosh, there are so many things I would love to talk about - like the whole product and what it offers :) - but I will keep it short (sort of). Feel free to get in touch! It is very exciting for us to be here and seeing your feedback! Spending so much time and resources of our own was worth it! Thank you, Bogo!
The interactive demo on the home page at the bottom right is fantastic. It took me a long time to notice it down there. I suggest you make that much more prominent. I would never fill out a form to request a demo, but if it said "try a demo" it would have grabbed my attention immediately.
@jmeistrich great suggestion! Updated, lets A/B test this. :) Thank you.
As web developers we always struggle with handing over end-user documentation or teaching new users how to use web application. Screenshots and screencasts never worked and are hard to reuse. Inline Manual makes this process easy, through interactive walkthroughs, that are contextual and always available when user needs it. The infrastructure allows to collaborate, publish and re-use tutorials, like @github does. You can also export to static HTML with auto-captured screenshots that you can hand over to your client.
Potentially game changing, can't wait to try this out.
@JoeConyers thank you! can't wait to see what will you do with Inline Manual :)
Actually @sotak, what is the difference between Inline Manual and WalkMe for example.
@bogomep we have a transparent infrastructure that allows you to collaborate and 100% reuse your content for your platform, together with deployment management, where you can have multiple instances of your product/site and manage different versions of tutorials. We also allow to export your tutorials into HTML with autocaptured screenshots. This you can then take and upload it to your knowledge base. And worth mentioning is the testing suite, which allows to test your tutorials automagically when you release new version.