Inky Blocks

A colorful reimagining of Tetris

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«Inky Blocks» — new perspective on beloved by all Tetris! Novelty specially designed for those who loved as a child spend hours playing Tetris on a small console. Inky Blocks call up a nice feeling of nostalgia from gameplay and at the same time surprising new features for the player, together with an incredibly pleasant picture and modern music tracks from sound-producer HAXXY, the winner of Avicii x You Awards.! I worked on it for over a year, and today is release day. Hope, you like it, guys, and I would be very interested to know your opinion about my new game:)
@andrewivchuck What was it about Tetris that you thought needed revisiting? Love the style you gave the game!
@ryan_olsen @andrewivchuck I don't know) "Make 360 degree circle Tetris" - the idea came like a spark, and i decide to make it happen:) I knew that playing it will be interesting, because of win-win Tetris mechanics, which proven by large amount of time
Wooow, the sound is awesome in this game, like it definitely.
@delta7vs thank you, Vladyslav:)
Looks great! Have you played Rotational by any chance?