Inkwell Helmets

Beautifully hand-painted, one-of-a-kind helmets

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Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️HunterPro@helloduane · Product : Design & Development
Inkwell Helmets is a design studio that specializes in creating unique, hand-painted helmet designs on various brands and styles of helmets. Protect your brain, you'll need it + do it in style. Now that's Hipster in the best possible way!
There's a great profile of the founder and her other businesses in the NYT today:
Leo Moravtchik
Leo Moravtchik@moravtchik · CEO, diggidi
Beautiful designs! If we can hunt down the maker maybe he'll give a PH special
Leo Moravtchik
Leo Moravtchik@moravtchik · CEO, diggidi
@aexm @moravtchik She, sorry
Guled Ahmed
Guled Ahmed@_guled_ · Innovator, Aspiring Entrepreneur
The circuit board helmet looks AMAZING!