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Chris Helm
Chris HelmMaker@chrishelm76 · COO, Blend Media
Thanks for the feature - I am the maker of the product - the best thing about Inkvite is that you can collaborate in 280 character turns with friends and people at random over a favorite genre; From Sci-Fi to Romance and Crime to Dystopian. It's a unique way to get inspired to then write on your own and its also a cool way to make new friends within the Inkvite community - lots of people have connected over a short story to date..
Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
From their website: "Find inspiration through collaboration, get direct feedback from a real community and generate amazing ideas with unique in-app tools. Whether it's Comedy, Screenwriting or Romance - we've got all genres covered!" Might be a good one for anyone taking part in #NaNoWriMo!
Gabe Rios
Gabe Rios@fatfullstacks · Marketing Director - LTC
Like it, but Android version please?
Joyce Kung
Joyce Kung@thejoycekung · Student, Webdev
@fatfullstacks Web version would be great, too - I find writing on my phone in general kind of awkward.
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
Looks interesting, but the community is probably key here. How are you going to deal with haters?
Chris Helm
Chris HelmMaker@chrishelm76 · COO, Blend Media
@romanzadyrako yes the community really is the heart of Inkvite and luckily we don't have many haters..on the rare occassion we do they don't tend to last on Inkvite. People can leave collaborative stories and flag stories to the Moderator if they come across them. We also have Accredited Writers on Inkvite that act as community ambassadors - they help fly the flag which wards off the potential haters.