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We wanted to give authors a way to vet book ideas before they write. And we wanted it to be dead simple. Authors can tweet @inkshares with #idea to submit a book idea. Inkshares creates a new, shareable link for the idea. And Inkshares readers can follow the idea, which stands as positive feedback.
Now it only tinder filtered by people who read...
I've enjoyed seeing Inkshares mature. They started out as a 21st century book publisher, giving authors better service and a much fairer deal. Then they enabled authors to crowdfund their titles. And now they're changing the writing process itself with instant feedback on book titles and drafts. Jeremy, do you have a roadmap for total world domination? How do you decide what's next in the sequence? Very few startups these days seem to have a master strategy.
Good question. It's all about creating an interesting experience for readers. In the end, we want to publish books that our readers "organically" select. Authors should expect to get feedback on and pre-orders for their books without lifting a finger. But we're not there yet. Hopefully this "book ideas" feature will help with that goal. Oh yeah, and we made it easy to submit an idea. Just tweet @inkshares with #idea, something like "@inkshares #idea A disease wipes out humankind. Apes take over the world."
We live a troubled time where there ard more writers than readers