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Hi everyone I'm Charlotte the Founder of Inkpact any questions queries or if you want a sample please get in touch! We can even help you write your content if you don't know what to say and enable you to send a campaign that gets an incredible read and response rate! 02381103192
hey @lottielouisa I am interested in getting some samples. I just signed up, please let me know if there is anything else I need to do. Thanks!
@zbijelic Thanks for signing up we will send them out to you in the next week, then give us a call and we can get you onto our platform!
@lottielouisa Hey charlotte. Received your note in the email, very cool. mind getting in touch zlatko(at) thanks!
Congratulations @lottielouisa, the service looks useful and great. My one bit of advice, _urgently_, is give people meaningful information on your homepage in under two seconds. I literally just waited for 12 seconds of spinning loader animation and was then greeted by your modal overlay (#popup) which i had to dismiss before I could even find out what this is. Reduce the load time, drop the modal.
We have a company @handwrytten ( that also does this in the States. We do greeting cards and thank you notes and allow people to include gift cards to brands like Starbucks. We do use robotic handwriting machines (although it's nearly impossible to tell the difference). Our apps do mostly everything, but if you're looking to do bulk uploads, you have to do that from our web site. Check it out! Use code GOVIRAL when creating a handwrytten account (not at checkout) for $10 in free cards. Good luck in the UK! We aren't there and think your model is super cool.
@davidbwachs yes we have heard of you before love what you do too! Thanks we are the only company in the UK so excited to be leading the way here!
This reminds me of the movie 'Her' with Joaquin Phoenix when his character dictates handwritten notes for customers. Inkpact (@lottielouisa) are offering a unique discount for Product hunt: enter code HUNT10 for 10% off all handwritten Christmas Cards or Wedding thank you note orders until December 2015.
I love the concept and can already think about tons of use cases. One question though - Maybe I'm missing something but can't I just create a request and send it online? The call for action on the landing page is to join a mailing list?
@kobyof Hi thanks for your comment -so glad you love the concept - You request a sample online then we will contact you, and then get you set up on our platform where you can order letters or notecards alternatively if you want to send handwritten christmas or holiday cards you can go directly to and use HUNT10 for 10% discount!