Inko 2

Collaborative whiteboard for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV

Inko is a collaborative whiteboard for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV that lets you draw together. Version 2 now includes new features such as remote collaboration (over the Internet), a Mac Catalyst app, and much more.

Go grab it, it's free to try ;)
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Hello Hunters! We've just released today our new app *Inko* that we've been working on for over a year. It lets you draw together simultaneously with multiple iPad or iPhone in a peer-to-peer fashion, and also display/interact with these drawings on a nearby Apple TV and remote. It's fully optimized for Apple Pencil, so right on time with Apple's announcements of this week. We hope you'll like it! Feel free to reach out if you have questions or feedback. Raphael
Great job!! 😊 Is it available for Windows 10? As well as MacBook ?
@ayush_chandra Thank you! Not at this time. Windows: not impossible but involved. P2P networking is Apple-specific, so we'd lose some important feature. MacBook: marzipan? 😁 That would be way easier, we have to evaluate demand. Are you interested in *drawing* from PC or Mac, or just *viewing* the drawings?
What a clever tool.
wow! can, will you be able to annotate things, or be used within existing apps? Neat tooooool.
@brad_tollefson thank you. We focused on the drawing experience & the network stack, taking real whiteboard as a model. It's only a v1, and we're sure collecting feedback for possible evolutions.
wow really awesome