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A very interesting take on discovering and getting access to future bestsellers. Great combination of user experience and data science. 📘📚 Here is an interview on BBC Radio 4 with @donalbazaz:
@__tosh cheers Thomas! Just wanted to say hi to the Product Hunt community, we're very excited to be here! I'm more than happy to answer all questions and tell you more about Inkitt. As a quick intro, Inkitt for iOS brings thousands of new novels by emerging authors to iPhone and iPad, with personalized recommendations based on each user's preferences. As readers read, the Inkitt algorithm analyzes reading behavior and predicts future bestsellers: if readers love it, Inkitt publishes it. We're the first readers-driven book publisher: our mission is to democratize publishing and make sure great works by new and talented authors never again stay in the dark! Our intro video for the Inkitt iOS app:
Classic question: how do you actually make money?
@__tosh Our revenue comes from the books we publish. 50% of royalties go to the author (as opposed to 5-15% that they would normally get with a traditional publishing house) and 50% to us. A few weeks ago we decided to make our publishing contract ( available to the public, so that every author knows upfront what they will get when signing with Inkitt.
How many books have you published so far?
@__tosh The first book picked by the Inkitt algorithm was Bright Star, a YA novel by Erin Swan, which is coming out in summer 2017 in partnership with Tor Books ( Further to that, we have also published 5 books since July ( Catalyst Moon by Lauren L. Garcia (Fantasy), Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan (YA, Romance), I Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben (Mystery Romance), Esper Files by Egan Brass (Sci-Fi Fantasy) and Caged by Onaiza Khan (Thriller). Just Juliet, I Was A Bitch, Esper Files and Caged became bestsellers in their respective categories on Amazon.
Are you considering to expand to more platforms? (e.g. Windows Phone, Android, Facebook Messenger, …)
@__tosh We've had a lot of requests for the Android app and we're currently working on that. The plan is for it to be ready by the end of this year / begining of next year. As for Facebook Messenger, we already experimented a bit with a chatbot that offered reading suggestions to users but so far we haven't seen great results. We're still looking into that.
Inkitt's biz model is brill. +I get to read authors whose work I might otherwise never experience.