INKHUNTER is an augmented reality app that lets users virtually try on any tattoo. The company is now building a marketplace to allow its 8 Million users to directly book tattoo artists.

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@rrhoover, we just added to app Product Hunt tattoos, do you want some?
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@alxclever @audreynovits Thank you guys :)
@onum_tw @rohachova_o -->> Amazing product guys, i saw the video, love this idea...Eagerly waiting for the android version...:) Love your website design, simple and elegant...Keep it up..
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@onum_tw @rrhoover I want a FashionTap button one!
I'll just leave this here 😂 💕, @loic.
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I need a friend to help me out... I want to see what a butterfly tattoo will look like on my lower back. Who wants to help?
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Hi there! Thanks for hunting us! Here link to AppStore -
Wow this is a great idea. Are you the first ones to do such a thing? Awesome landing page too, nice thinking on the PH customization :)
@thibautdavoult Thanks! I haven't found someone else who did such things before. I'm glad that you paid attention to the customization ^_^