Inkdrop 4

Organizing your markdown notes made simple

Inkdrop is a Markdown note-taking app solely designed for developers. It's clean, beautiful and extensible. It syncs data securely across your devices through end-to-end encryption.
  • Pros: 

    - Great design and colours - Code and syntax highlight - Side by side mode - Plugins options so you can create a feature


    I do not have any cons for this app

    I am using the InkDrop almost 4 months and this is an amazing note taking app. I am a student and taking note daily with codes makes my day easy. I used Bear,Quiver and SnippetsLab before I can say InkDrop integration of the all this app in one app.

    Erdem Alpkaya has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Design, simple, secure.


    No image in the notes, highlight, GUI for plugin, warm support. Look the forum, the developer doesn't want adapt to users. Weird.

    On the forum, (and by email) when some people ask for an evolution, the developper explains each time he develops for himself not for the users, so does he believe the client should pay in order he enjoys his own app ? He invents the selfish marketing 😁

    Mikaël Bertoux has used this product for one week.
Hi guys. I'm Takuya, the solo developer of Inkdrop from Japan. I love to build beautiful and useful apps. I created Inkdrop because I wanted a note-taking app that lets you organize Markdown notes and sync across devices without headache. I've been working on it for 3 years and thanks to the great feedback, it's v4 now. I would love to hear what you think. To try Inkdrop, please visit the website linked above and sign up for a 60-day free trial. It is long enough to determine if it fits into your workflows. I hope you enjoy it! I'm sharing my experiences about this project on my blog. Please also check it out!
I've been using v3 for almost a year now and, as a developer, it's the greatest note-taking app I've ever tried. I'm really looking forward to trying this v4 release!
@mitchisev Thank you, Mitch! I hope you enjoy it :D
Glad to discover the app. The UI looks amazing. Looking forward to move all my markdowns to inkdrop :)
@dineshsprabu Glad to know you like it. Please enjoy!
One of my "first to install" apps now on every new device; Inkdrop has helped me keep my personal notes for the last year or so and the app has just done what it says on the marketing page, without faff. It's so refreshing using an app knowing that the service has no access to your data. Thank you Takuya.
@djm_ Hi Darian, thank you for your kind words XD It would have not been possible without your support!
Whats new in this update?
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron. Thanks for the comment. I've written a blogpost about what's new in v4: In a nutshell: * End-to-End Encryption Support * Smart Scroll Sync for Side-by-side Mode * Search UI & Performance Improvement * Global Shortcut Support * Notebook Submenus & Count Badges * Offline Image Attachments Support on Mobile