InkCase for iPhone 7

Add a second screen to the back of your iPhone

Hey! Why did you guys decide to print the "InkCase" logo largely on the case itself? This design feature lost me. I'd be happy to tell everyone I know about my case, so I don't see the pertinence of including it on the design. Good product though.
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@prestonattebery Good point~ Thanks for reminding us about this @cedrix we should improve this maybe make it to a color that is closer to the InkCase? A bit like the new Kindle?
@gjyong529 @cedrix Personally, I find type logos jarring to see on any physical product. I'd swap the current design in favor of some symbol logo or a much smaller and subtly colored type logo!
@prestonattebery agreed, I've seen several of these before and I was about to pull the trigger until I saw that. The one inside is one thing but the one by the camera is huge. Sorry no deal.
@prestonattebery We have refined the logo to be less conspicuous. Thanks for the comments.
Any plans / love for iPhone 7 plus?
@noxowe Once we completed this and ship out will start the 7+ and planning on a much larger E Ink Screen~
@ebsalberto this remind me yotaphone which have a good reason to exist: have an ability to use the phone when it almost die - preload map, reding emails/book, etc.. But looks like power banks is a better way to solve this problem ;)
This is a fantastic idea. E-ink is a technology that I think will become more and more useful as eye fatigue catches up heavy screen users. I just never thought about using it in the context of a phone!