InkCase for iPhone 7

Add a second screen to the back of your iPhone

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PA@prestonattebery · Founder + Designer /
Hey! Why did you guys decide to print the "InkCase" logo largely on the case itself? This design feature lost me. I'd be happy to tell everyone I know about my case, so I don't see the pertinence of including it on the design. Good product though.
GJ Yong
GJ YongMaker@gjyong529 · GM
@prestonattebery Good point~ Thanks for reminding us about this @cedrix we should improve this maybe make it to a color that is closer to the InkCase? A bit like the new Kindle?
PA@prestonattebery · Founder + Designer /
@gjyong529 @cedrix Personally, I find type logos jarring to see on any physical product. I'd swap the current design in favor of some symbol logo or a much smaller and subtly colored type logo!
Hal Gottfried
Hal Gottfried@hgottfried · Founder, Level Up Labs
@prestonattebery agreed, I've seen several of these before and I was about to pull the trigger until I saw that. The one inside is one thing but the one by the camera is huge. Sorry no deal.
Cedric Ng
Cedric NgMaker@cedriz · Lead Designer, OAXIS
@prestonattebery We have refined the logo to be less conspicuous. Thanks for the comments.
Andrew Brodsky
Andrew Brodsky@andrewjb44 · Digital Product Guru
This is very similar as
Laszlo Levente Mári
Laszlo Levente Mári@laszlolm · CEO @ Dakai - Blockchain Services
Any plans / love for iPhone 7 plus?
GJ Yong
GJ YongMaker@gjyong529 · GM
@noxowe Once we completed this and ship out will start the 7+ and planning on a much larger E Ink Screen~
Eduardo Alberto
Eduardo Alberto@ebsalberto · CTO @ Maxihost
Razumovskiy Pavel
Razumovskiy Pavel@onum_tw · CTO inkHunter
@ebsalberto this remind me yotaphone which have a good reason to exist: have an ability to use the phone when it almost die - preload map, reding emails/book, etc.. But looks like power banks is a better way to solve this problem ;)
Nathaniel Heller
Nathaniel Heller@fivext · Register to Vote
This is a fantastic idea. E-ink is a technology that I think will become more and more useful as eye fatigue catches up heavy screen users. I just never thought about using it in the context of a phone!