An e-ink screen for the back of your iPhone

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2015
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Looks interesting, would be cool if it could sync with the kindle app!
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@benwtnb Holy crap, what an idea. All the benefits of e-ink/Kindle, but only carry one device. I'd love if it synced with Strava during rides as well. They mention something *like* this on their website, but it's not clear if it'll work directly with e-reader apps
@staringispolite It would be great! Kindle seems to be a really locked down system unfortunately. Probably potential with another e-reader app though! I'd really love a kindle with a phone size factor regardless if it attaches directly to the phone.
@staringispolite what do you mean "synced with Strava during rides?" What would that look like?
@tymrtn @benwtnb Strava supports this kind of interaction with 3rd party devices over bluetooth already. It exports "pages" of data that update roughly once per second, with info on current speed, current time, miles biked/run, heart rate (if you have it) etc. Here's an example of this, but on a dedicated bluetooth device rather than my phone:
I wonder how easily it will scratch.
Or get a Yota Phone
This is an update from an older model called popslate which allowed you to take a pic and use it for the art on the back of your screen. This version of the case seems to be more dynamic homescreen or backscreen with weather and other info.
@tomlimongello I actually think they're competing products from different companies (same concept). I bought a friend of mine a PopSlate case. She liked it for a bit, but it was too large on her phone and she switched back to something else. Still love the idea! vs
I remember that phone that came out with an e-ink display on the back and I really liked the concept, but I couldn't give up my iPhone. This solves that problem for me so ill definitely be on-board with this.