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Personalize Your Messages & Express Yourself Like Never Before Link any word or emoji to any image or GIF you want. Take a photo with your phone or choose an image from an in-app web search Try it:
I'd like to know how this is different to what people can already do on the HUGE messaging platforms right now? I can send an image, video, personalise them, send GIFs, stickers, memes and can always use things like Snapchat Chat - so what makes Ink Messaging that much different? You say on the site "Text Message Is the Dominant Form of Communication Among Millennials.." is that strictly SMS messaging? If so, I'd like to see the source, I can't imagine it would be what with iMessage, Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik, Telegram, etc. You also quote on your site “The scale for this is truly amazing…” – Apple - slightly misleading... did Apple say this about your app? Theres not a lot of context and I suspect it may be to have this effect but personally dont think its a very good thing to do.
@bentossell I honestly don't understand why new messengers are surfacing but they do have something unique here. As for the "Text Message Is the Dominant Form of Communication Among Millennials..", I think it's all forms of text message. In the end of 2015, 23B text messages were sent every day. I couldn't find the quote “The scale for this is truly amazing…” in their site.
@rotemthegolfer Im not sure what the wholly unique thing is here vs things you can get on other messaging platforms... like I said above "I can send an image, video, personalise them, send GIFs, stickers, memes and can always use things like Snapchat Chat " - all through other apps what is 'all forms of text message' - people seem to be very keen to split out messages so that its known X many iMessages, Whatsapp messages, Messenger messages etc.... perhaps its just meant to mean messages that are only text-based.... but guess it gets confusing with the term 'text-messages', which to me is SMS. Maybe it should say X text-based messages to be more clear if that is what is trying to be communicated? the quote is here:
Hey @bentossell Thank you for your interest To your points, with Ink users communicate in their own image based personality, using images and GIF's of their favourite Brands, Sporting teams and Celebrities, along with images and GIFs they create themselves, inside of their messages as if they were emojis. Users link words and emojis to any image they want, so when they type in that word or emoji it's automatically converted to the image of their choice. Type in the word “kids” and a photo of YOUR kids appears, insert the “football emoji” and it’s automatically converted into a picture of YOUR favorite NFL player(s), the “basketball” emoji can be a GIF of YOUR favourite NBA team in action, the word “coke” a bottle of “Coke Zero”. Content is actually chosen by the user themselves to personalise and enhance the messaging experience and they can choose images from their own photo library or do an in app image or GIF search. All images appear in-line with text in the body of the message, the same way emojis do - and it’s fast! Once you link an image to a word, it’s instantly recalled the next time you want to use it. And you can swipe over an image to reveal the text or emoji it's linked to, adding even more meaning and expression. Re: Messaging being the dominant form of communication amongst millennials - this is referenced from a Gallup Poll and includes text messaging as well as the OTT messaging platforms. PEW Research Center has had similar findings. Even more exciting is that in the 2016 KPCB Internet Trends Report it talks about Gen Z preferring to communicate in images rather than text! In regards to the quote, it's from Apple and is in reference to iMessage and the scale of iMessage being truly amazing. This is why we've built an iMessage extension for Ink. The product has been designed for use as a standalone app as well as for use within other platforms, the first being iMessage. This enables users of Ink to create and use their "Inks" inside both our native app as well as within iMessage on iOS10 which we think is a really terrific platform, with massive potential.
Thanks @rotemthegolfer The established messaging platforms are ENORMOUS which is why we've built Ink to transfer across multiple platforms (as well as a stand-a-lone)... starting with iMessage today! What do you think? I'd love you to try it both as a stand-a-lone and inside iMessage... feedback so far has been fantastic and i'd value yours too Cheers mate.
@tobiskovron I already downloaded your app and I think that the concept of what you are doing is cool (we are doing something similar BTW, maybe we should do something together?). I really didn't understand how you want to "transfer across multiple platforms", you want that KiK for example will integrate you in their app?
We created this quick video to show you how Ink is different and the unique way you can now communicate using our application What are your thoughts?