Initial T-shirt Offering

Clothing for ICO Millionaires present and future πŸ€‘

The Life Of An ICO Millionaire Is Tough. You need a status symbol, flashy enough that people in the know, know, but not flashy enough that you are going to get robbed (careful with lamborghinis). Thats why we created INITIAL TSHIRT OFFERING, a limited run line with high quality prints and individually numbered shirts. Pay via Bitcoin/Ethereum

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Frank Denbow
Whats up ProductHunt! Started a new tshirt brand for ico millionaires (current and future). Limited run, high quality, individually numbered shirts. A portion of proceeds go to support Puerto Rico relief efforts. Enjoy!
ChanelleUX Practictioner
@frank_denbow Love this! Still want to collab with you at some point and pick your mind, I feel like I see you once every 3-4 years! Congrats on this! Can't wait to see how this turns out! :-)
Andy Rosenberg
marketing @joinroostr @aaptiv @peloton
Oh so you want to be a ICO BIG BALLER? Cop this before you tweet 100x about Bitcoin per day.
I have never thought that it is possible to create something like this! Cool!:)
Garg AnkitSilicon-Meat Interface Engineer
Now that's how you troll!
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