ininal API

Full stack transactional fintech APIs.

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Hello Product Hunters, ininal API is a public API which gives powerful fintech skills to developers, entrepreneurs and corporate companies. Even though financial services are usually regulated and are subject to obligatory operating licences, banking APIs are one of the hottest topics right now in Europe and Turkey. As the Payment Systems Law in Europe (aka PSD2) declared financial institutions to mandatorily open their APIs and let third parties grant access to transactional functions, whilst some banks claimed that they published their APIs accordingly. However, banks providing APIs are still a few and some critical skills like opening an account, creating a MasterCard or money transfer are still closed and legacy systems. Money is a critical aspect in our lives but integrating financial transactions to our products is really hard :) With ininal API you can create an account, create a MasterCard and load that card money instantly. We will be releasing bill payment, collection and many more skills till Christmas. We are very excited to hear your feedbacks, thoughts and questions, we'll be here all day answering them :)
This is a good idea. @mehmetkaaraca can you access credit card transaction data? What are your fees?
@louis_lapat Hello Louis, thanks for kind words. ininal card fees are: 1- 2 liras monthly maintenence fee 2- 2liras or 2%top-up transaction fee in retail points If you mean accessing transaction data of a credit card issued by another bank unfortunately we cannot :(
This looks cool. Is it only for turkey though?
@joshuajomiller Hello Joshua, thanks for kind words. Because it is a regulated business ininal users should be Turkish citizens for now. We are working to add additional regions.