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inhaus is a better way to buy or sell a home that puts money back in your pocket.

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Hey PH, πŸ‘‹ Avantika (AV) here, very excited to announce inhaus! inhaus is a better way to buy a home that puts money back in your pocket.Β  As you likely know, the modern home buyer does most of the search and legwork to identify their new home but does not gain any financial benefit. Consumers want lower commission & alternate pricing models, but still need professional help to complete the transaction. Where are the options? We started inhaus as a real estate marketplace for the self-motivated millennial home buyer and seller as we realize one size does not fit all and clients want options. Inhaus is the first to personalize the home buying process through a curated search. HausMatch (our patent-pending algorithm), simplifies & improves home search by curating homes for buyers based on their personal community & life needs such as commute, school districts, entertainment. We're your neighborhood expert. Always available 24/7. Inhaus rewards consumers for doing some of the heavy lifting themselves via a commission rebate. Because we empower our buyers to handle the home search process, we don't need to compromise on quality and can put money back in your pockets. We believe that buying a home should be painless and fun. It should leave you feeling empowered with money in your pocket for the down payment, move, furniture or savings account. Thoughts? Looking forward to answering all your questions and hearing your feedback!
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How is searching here better than using filters on Zillow or Redfin?
@tom_pryor hi Tom, we're not trying to go up against Zillow or Trulia. They have cornered the search market. We focus on search curation by adding a lifestyle/ neighborhood layer.
Good app. In what countries this works?
@robert_melkonyan Thanks! Currently we're in California, USA
@avantika_shahi Are you going to expand it?
@robert_melkonyan Absolutely. Where are you located?
@robert_melkonyan that might take us a little longer ;)