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Hi Hunters! We are happy to introduce you to the Ingrein Smart Clock, a hardwood clock that interacts with your smart home devices and displays information from your favorite apps and web services. It is designed to help you break away from smartphone addiction. Instead of constantly checking your phone, it allows you to set your phone aside and be present when spending time with your friends and family. If anything important is happening, the smart clock will let you know. You won’t be distracted by an insignificant notification. The clock thoughtfully notifies you using light and sound. You have full control over what notifications from which apps you want to be informed about. The design adds both elegance and function to your home with technology that is seamlessly integrated into a luxury clock made of precious reclaimed woods such as mahogany and cedar, that were salvaged from the scrap pile. Video: We are looking forward to your feedback. What do you think about the concept? Would you get one? Thanks!
@sazp96 I love this idea, but have been burned several times as it always seems that everybody else's "favorite apps and web services" aren't mine. Is there an API? Some way to build custom alerts?
@mbuckbee @sazp96 that is a fair point. Today, our beta units work with IFTTT, so any app or webservice that talks to IFTTT (250+) can talk to the clock. In the future, we will be adding more integration out of the box. Samsung SmartThings is high on the list. We'd love to know what apps/webservices are important to you.
It looks massive for the function it serves, The large wood block looks dated and the screen is both too small to read at a glance and offering limited information. Seems to have achieved the bare minimum to be classified as a "smart clock"
@its_smart the size of the clock was optimized to look good on your wall. A lot of wall decor tends to be bigger than 10 inches in diameter to be able to adorn a large wall surface. About the features, the clock's purpose is to free you from the addiction to your phone, so the emphasis is on incorporating the display into an existing design element. Think about it like a display for your most important notifications. Are there any features you would like to see on the smart clock?
Awesome. Love the idea. Added it to my Enchanted Objects collection - feel like there could be a cool application of this kind of tech for families with kids, to help a family be aware of the time and get out the door on time.
@jfilcik Thanks for the feedback! Households with kids is one of our key scenarios. In addition to helping to keep you on schedule with calendar reminders, we though the weather forecast could help simplify the getting ready process in the morning. In my house growing up my mom had a rule that we kids couldn't wear flip-flops unless it was over 60 degrees... or my brothers would have worn them in the snow. With a simple glance to the clock you will know the weather forecast so that you can dress appropriately for the weather and grab an umbrella / rainboots / gloves / hat when you need them on the way out the door!
So it looks like I get to ask @sazp96 what will be the price range of this product. :)
that is right @saijo_george, you are the lucky one :) The clock will retail for ~$300. But we plan to offer it for ~$200 on Kickstarter when we launch.
Very cool idea! What was the inspiration behind this?
@fahim305 Thanks! It came about from our struggle to be present when we are at home. We were a little addicted to our smartphones, wanting to put them away, but afraid to put them down in case an important message came through. So we designed a product that would look beautiful in our home and be unobtrusive, but provide us with the important notifications we needed. That is how Ingrein works. You can leave your phone in another room, and if something important happens the clock will let you know. You can be present with your friends and family without constantly checking your phone.