Ingage Stories

iPad stories to help you close deals


Josh Koppel, founder of Scrollmotion here. We created Ingage Stories for iPad b/c, let's face it, PowerPoint is lame — and the iPad is magical! We set out to build an experience that took photos and videos and created a new kind of presentation. Please hit me up w/ questions, thoughts, or new ways to use Ingage that we might not have thought of!

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John Gill
Criswell Lappin
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  • Pros: 

    interactive, engaging and Ingage presentations .


    not yet linked to shopify.

    I ussd Ingage Stories for my presentations for my product @CitySeat and found that presentations were much more eye catching and interactive, translating to wholesale deals. Although the product build is on an iPad, people can see the Ingage Story on any device using the weblink with the integrity of the interactivity still intact.

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  • Lisa Lytton
    Lisa LyttonParaculture

    Enables visual storytelling for brands like nothing else on the market.


    Needs a bit more utility enablement

    I used Ingage Stories recently for a photography presentation with audio captions. The ease of creating a beautifully designed story that is native on iPad and responsive on web is mindblowing. Video and interactive content is easy and I have a great presentation piece.

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  • Pros: 

    Innovative, Original, Simple to Use



    This product helps your presentations to stand out from the rest. It is an incredible advantage to your pitch.

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