Ingage Instants

Broadcast quality motion graphics right on your phone.

You can finally stop making excuses for your business’ lack of social media presence. Ingage Instants is an iPhone app that makes it easy to create video-based social posts with broadcast quality motion graphics. We know social media drives business. Now, people with zero design experience can produce great looking, branded visual posts in minutes.

  • Sam
    SamFounder, The UpStanding Desk

    Incredibly easy to create a quick, solid video for social sharing.


    One very quick transition had a slight glitch.

    I used it in beta to create some content for 's Instagram account, and it was very intuitive and powerful. It's a great option for anybody w/out video skills or budget to hire somebody for this sort of thing.

    Sam has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Makes my posts look super professional in minutes!


    Would love to see more theme options.

    There is no way I could make these kinds of posts without this app. Ingage Instants makes it look like I hired a marketing agency (and spent big $) to create my social content, when it was really just me and a few minutes on my cell phone! Worth every penny for the Pro upgrade!

    Amie Barder has used this product for one month.
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Rob Petrozzo
Rob PetrozzoHiring@robpetrozzo · Co-Founder/Chief Product Ofc, Rally Rd.
Having been able to test and explore Instants from the early beta to the current release, it's amazing to see how far the product has come. Having to create, edit, and pump out new content is a necessary evil, but also one of the BIGGEST time sucks for entrepreneurs & small business - Instants gives us some of our day back. Looking forward to seeing how it's used out in the wild! 🙌🙌
Josh Koppel
Josh KoppelMaker@joshkoppel · Maker of things.
@robpetrozzo Rob - many thanks for your kind words. We are such big fans of Rally Road and your elegant and prolific use of social media. We really appreciate the shout out.
Josh Koppel
Josh KoppelMaker@joshkoppel · Maker of things.
Hi Product Hunters, I’m proud to announce Ingage Instants, an app that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses build a social feed they can be proud of. We’ve heard from our business friends that the biggest barrier to focusing on social media is time, and not enough of it. Our team worked hard to make a tool that was easy for anyone to use and does not require any prior knowledge of expensive design software for the desktop. If you’re promoting a business or service, or sell anything at all, we think you’ll love Ingage Instants. It’s free to download and we’re rolling out new themes all the time, so make sure to keep coming back! I’d love your feedback once you’ve had a chance to play with it. Thanks, Josh
Ömer Sakarya
Ömer Sakarya@omer_sakarya
@joshkoppel Great app! I think you should also add high resolution screen capturing as a feature! An app developer would like to showcase the features of an app to the audience. So that your app would be an all in one tool for that. Great work 👍
Josh Koppel
Josh KoppelMaker@joshkoppel · Maker of things.
@omer_sakarya Hi - thanks so much for reaching out. That is a great idea. In early versions of this product, we imagined a tool that could help app developers promote their wares. These early designs were based on high-Rez screencaps. Maybe worth revisiting. Thanks for the question!
Babken Karapetyan
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
will you make similar app for Android?
Josh Koppel
Josh KoppelMaker@joshkoppel · Maker of things.
@babken_karapetyan Hi Babken- at the moment we are iOS focused because we are taking advantage of some of the core animation that only happens on Apple hardware (A bunch of our team are Ex-Apple).You will continue to see new themes and designs that take advantage of some of these features in the near future. Thanks again for the question.
Patrick E. Pool
Patrick E. Pool@patrick_e_pool
Hi, your app looks pretty awesome, but I'm unable to use it because I'm on android. Any future plans to include android?
Melinda Steen O'Reilly
Melinda Steen O'Reilly@melinda_oreilly
Excellent app
Josh Koppel
Josh KoppelMaker@joshkoppel · Maker of things.
@melinda_oreilly thanks so much Melinda. We would love to see what you make with it.