Infused App

Hyper-local billboard you can put up anywhere.

I think it would be helpful to have a demo video or screenshot above the fold that succinctly shows what this app/service works.
@digtialhumanist love the concept. Also, I have been working on a Android app and have been creating quick and dirty screencasts by using the android SDK and a .JAR called http://droid-at-screen.ribomatio.... You plug in your device to your laptop and it mirrors the display and then can use any standard desktop screencast application. It also works great for doing a webex. This could be helpful to show the publishing and on device experience for Infused.
@Knakao thanks for the props. We'll check it out and crank one out this weekend. Have you been programming long?
@digihumanist I wish I had coding skills. I am more of a biz type that loves new products. Thus it took me a couple of times to set up droid@screen, the best instructions are here: http://droid-at-screen.ribomatio...
@knakao new biz ideas make the world go round. Love the work you're doing with the AADE.
So it sounds like geotargeted advertising? I hit a spot in the mall (or wherever) and get an ad on my phone? Do users opt in for specific marketers or do they get everything in the system? I see you're also doing geo-specific art, which I think it quite cool. But not sure about getting ads just pinging me as I'm wandering along, without having opted in.
@SacBookReviewer Thanks for joining the conversation Ross. For advertisers the technology can be used as a proactive marketing platform that literally makes a brand felt. That buzz in the pocket is pretty effective, and has shown some awesome user retention and duration in-app stats during our beta testing. Users are not bombarded with advertisements. We're currently filling Chicago with 2,500 pieces of original art, music, and poetry for people to discover upon app launch. But, even then, what if you're not a fan of poetry? Hey, not everyone is. We've created a filter system for help you manage the notifications you receive. Users get the essential information and media they need not only when, but where they need it.
@digihumanist That's what I was wondering. Localized art is something we've considered doing here in sac, but not so much on the brand marketing. I've always considered gps as a great location bookmark for things beyond addresses and don't think we've even started scratching the surface of what's possible.
Played around with it for a little while. Looks like you can create billboard messages directly from their site or you can have them create a custom app to incorporate infused technology.